Shari J. Crane, M.D.

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My private practice is in Coronado, adjacent to downtown San Diego. I specialize in medical care that is not limited to a prescription. I employ natural and therapeutic treatments, and have advanced training in both fields. My practice is unique, as I offer holistic and traditional treatments to meet the various needs of both children and adults.

It is important to remember that psychiatrists are physicians trained in two professional fields: therapy and medicine. If you go to a regular physician, most can only offer you a basic psychiatric medication.  If you go to a therapist, psychologist, or counselor, they can only offer you therapy. I have advanced training and expertise in each area, so can recognize and offer the treatment best for you.

I accept fewer patients into my medical practice, allowing more time for each. I don't believe patients should have to wait two months each time they need an appointment. Some of my clients have increased confidentiality concerns due to being recognized by the general public, so I've structured my practice to maintain confidentiality. Please speak with me about any medical or confidentiality concerns you may have.

Though I've had excellent training in medication management, my breadth of training does allow me to work with individuals who prefer to investigate therapeutic and nutritional treatment options as alternatives or adjuncts to medication.

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