Prior to medical school Dr. Crane completed two undergraduate degrees, one in Science as required, and the other in Commercial & Industrial Fitness, focusing on nutrition, exercise and health.

Dr. Crane attended medical school at the Mayo Clinic, where she learned the importance of a careful and complete evaluation of every patient.  During her time at Mayo she was the sole medical student representative for the Mayo Foundation Equal Opportunities Committee.  She was elected President of the Mayo Medical School Senior Class.  


Dr. Crane completed internship at Stanford University, and a Medical Research Fellowship at Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Wake Forrest University. Next she completed a four-year Diagnostic Radiology residency at the University of California, San Diego, passing her board exams prior to graduation.


Dr. Crane pursued further medical specialization at the University of Arizona, a program well known for integrative medicine, which incorporates holistic approaches in conjunction with standard traditional allopathic medical training.  She graduated from the General Psychiatry program and then completed a two-year fellowship specializing in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.  During this time she was awarded an American Psychoanalytic Association Mentorship, and also completed three years of additional elective training in therapeutic techniques concurrent with her psychiatry and child psychiatry training. She was elected the Chief Resident of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry during her final fellowship year.  


After graduating in 2007, Dr. Crane worked as a Staff Psychiatrist in community medicine, primarily treating disadvantaged children. She became dissatisfied with pressure to provide what she felt was low quality care due to reimbursment limitations that limited time and treatment options. Many conditions can be treated by therapy as well as medications, though the therapy requires more time and commitment on the part of both patient and physician. Additionally, psychiatrists who accept insurance are reimbursed lucratively if the patient receives a prescription, but reimbursed poorly or not at all if the physician uses a holistic approach addressing stress, therapy, nutrition, preventative health, or other important but non-prescription issues.  Thus, Dr. Crane decided to open a private practice focused on patient health.   


Though it is difficult to start a private practice without accepting insurance, Dr. Crane has had a vision since prior to starting medical school that a physician should treat each person as a whole, rather than just give pills. True to her initial training at Mayo Clinic, she remains an advocate of a thorough medical evaluation and comprehensive approach to treatment. She takes time to address nutritional habits, sleep, school or work difficulties, family and partner concerns, publicity stress, identity issues, trauma, life transition stress, cultural and identity issues, spiritual concerns, medication, and therapy in her psychiatric practice.


Due to her breadth of training, she is able to work in her psychiatric practice with individuals and families who prefer to investigate therapeutic and nutritional treatment options prior to, or in conjunction with, medication management.

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