Insurance: Dr. Crane does not accept insurance. This allows more time for each patient. A superbill receipt is provided at each visit. You may send it to your insurance company for direct reimbursement to you. If you decide to submit a claim, be aware that most insurance companies store your diagnosis and treatment information indefinitely. Please call your insurance company if you are looking for a physician who takes insurance.

Individualized Practice: Dr. Crane respects the familial, cultural, and spiritual values of patients. Your treatment plan is designed specifically for you. If you are an established patient with a crisis, Dr. Crane will try to schedule you as soon as possible.

Privacy:  Dr. Crane is very protective of patients, so your private medical information is not out-sourced. Dr. Crane will not release your information unless you have already signed a release. Dr. Crane does not accept incentive payments for placing your medical records online, nor accept incentive payments for transmitting your prescriptions electronically. Please alert Dr. Crane if you have privacy concerns due to your occupation or being recognizable by the general public.

Office visits: Regular office visits are 45 minutes, and your initial evaluation is 75 minutes. Dr. Crane does not double book appointments. Many clinics routinely schedule one to three patients in the same time slot, resulting in long wait times. In Dr. Crane's office, your appointment time is reserved for you.

Care:  Your treatment may address therapy, nutrition, and medication if needed. Patients are fully evaluated before recommending treatment. In psychiatry it is especially important that this is not done in a rush.

Additional Services Provided: Therapy, play therapy, nutrition, collaboration with your primary care physician, attendance at IEP’s, classroom observation, calls done on your behalf after a release of information is obtained, and home or hospital visits for established patients.

Fees:  Dr. Crane is a fee for service provider, which means payment is required at the time of service. Fees are not negotiable.  

Email/Text: Dr. Crane does not transmit patient data by email or text because of patient privacy concerns and past privacy breeches by other providers and institutions.  

Prescriptions: Dr. Crane does not prescribe for non-patients.

Doctor-Patient Relationship: Dr. Crane may become your psychiatrist if a mutual agreement is made to work together after the initial evaluation is completed. Patients who are abusive, threatening, or refuse to comply with treatment recommendations will be dismissed from Dr. Crane’s practice.

Scope of Practice: The normal scope of Dr. Crane’s practice does not include court testimony, "medical" marijuana, forensics, inpatient services, workers compensation, rehab/detox services, or child custody evaluations. If parents are divorced with joint custody, both parents must agree to treatment of the child.

Confidentiality: Dr. Crane receives many calls from students requesting mentorship. Due to the confidential nature of her practice, Dr. Crane regrets she is unable to offer individual mentorships. However, Dr. Crane does work with students who are individual patients. Dr. Crane is an author and invited speaker at conferences from time to time, and is happy to speak with students following a lecture. Dr. Crane does not release personally identifiable patient data via speaking engagements, writing engagements, medical papers, requests from organizations for "surveys," requests from pharmaceutical companies for patient data, or requests offering monetary compensation for patient data from medical organizations.

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