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“…a truly caring, companionate, and knowledgeable dr. who looks for the needle in the haystack for her patients.”


“This psychiatrist CARES & GOES BEYOND WHAT IS EXPECTED to find the TRUTH!”

"My anxiety is down.  Life is fun again."


"helped me after a bad breakup. didn't judge.”

“Wish I had someone like Dr Crane years ago.”


“Dr. Crane knows me. Nice, and she takes time to write instructions.”


“Cut my meds w/ supplements. I drive an hr to see her & worth it.”

“I referred a colleague to her with excellent results.”


“…my husband says- Thanks!…”

"Moved to ... but come back for tune-ups."

"Saw 2 docs who take our insurence-NO HELP! Keep adding meds, 7 meds later I'm sick of it! Dr Crane-stopped all but 1 med and seeing her-cheaper then 7 meds!!!”


“…when she said my son should be in GATE I thought ARE YOU CRAZY but this year...got into GATE!”


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